I’m a Creative Director and Professional Artist with a prolific body of work and hybrid experience spanning 22 years for various industries, corporations, small businesses, nonprofits and peer artists. Some call me a one-man ad firm assassin, others call me an artist—the pigeon-hole effect has avoided this career path (and entirely by design). Testimonials from those I’ve closely worked with over the years say it all, click here.

I’ve worked with and influenced many clients over the years including Sony/RCA, Ace Hardware Corporation, OMNI Youth, Options Minnesota, Exelon ComEd, Kaney Group LLC, Montel Tech, EM Search Consulting, ABG, DiscMakers, IDOL Records, Red Cross, Can Corporation of America, Cory Chisel, Richard Edwards, Margot and The Nuclear So & So’s, Bun E. Carlos (Cheap Trick), Mystery Room Mastering, Joyful Noise Records, Electric Dream Records, Trapper Schoepp, PHOX, Cameron McGill, Canyon Spells, Trevor Menear, Miles Nielsen and more.

Earning a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Design and Fine Arts from Bradley University (1996) implemented much-needed business acumen to work with natural born creative versatility. This dichotomy provides a balanced right-left brain foundation which I’ve discovered (more than once) throughout my career as being a rare trait that can be sadly abused by employers and clients with regards to labor, staff and budget cuts, and overworking individuals for less-than acceptable terms. The Creative Professionals class is the new middle class, and is in need of a federally mandated Union to protect our rights in every state and community.

I launched an artist brand, Andy Whorehall, in 2004 to produce and publish my own work within various media outlets under a plethora of nom de plumes. A few books, recordings, prints, fine art and more are available to purchase (or find for free). Here’s a list of URLs and Links to assist.

I’ve been lucky to work on campaigns and projects with amazing photographers and fellow artists’ work over the years: Brian Milo, Mike Graham, Ryan Davis, Brit Elrick, Nels Akerlund, Bart Bishoff, Peter Mera, Sarah Daniel Stewart, Javier Jiminez, Jesus Correa, Jason Vaughn, Daniel Murphy and more.

I’m in need of new opportunities that allow me to work with others, to provide influence, and to be influenced in return. Fairly. Please fill out the form below if you’ve something serious or absurd to contact me about. If you’re looking for a creative favor or a profitable idea for free—please, go away.

Thank you for your time,

Dave DeCastris


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