ABG Bag, Inc.: Global Branding

ABG contracted me in January 2013 to direct and produce a company rebranding initiative, beginning with the redevelopment and design of a new company logo and website. They had zero marketing results pre-2013, and were relying on an early-to-mid 2000s website to carry their company and product line. The challenge seemed daunting at first, but ownership allowed me the freedom to uproot its brand and focus on planting the company in the present to shift industry focus, replace old business with new business, grow sales, and establish brand awareness for the future.

Part of phase 1’s global rebranding initiative via logo and web also meant streamlining ABG’s industries served, their target marketing focus, shifting it in its entirety, streamlining ABG’s product line, as well as preparing patented products for marketing, wholesale and retail launch.

The logo rebranding and website redevelopment led to ownership creating and offering an Executive Director position for me to steer and solely establish ABG’s present and future global brand initiatives within all media. Product Development, Print, Web, Signage, Trade Shows, Merch, Ads, Email Campaigns, SEO Campaigns, Marketing, Vendor Negotiations and Contracts, are a few of the tasks I’ve introduced, produced and established to shift ABG’s sales through new business partnerships within the Electric Utilities Industry. Shifting the company’s pre-2013 target-marketing focus away from the bulk packaging (FIBC) industries served—Inks, Chemicals, Medical, Food, etc.— to the Electric Utilities market has been my primary goal among many while serving as ABG’s Director of all marketing initiatives, along with providing overall Employee and Company Operations supervision.

The work is extremely focused—brand speaking—despite the abundance of tasks and challenges I’ve been presented to accomplish. Keeping things simple without overthinking fonts, colors, and all of the cosmetic concerns that come with branding an entire company and their product line has assisted ABG’s growth, as well as my own.

ClientABG Bag, Inc.ServicesGlobal Brand Identity, Direction, Design, Print, Web, Signage, Product Development and Marketing,SEO, Email/Web Hosting, I.T., Vendor NegotiationsYear2013-PresentLinkabgbag.com

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