Black Squirrel

Micky Rosenquist (Heroic Doses, Cory Chisel, Miles Nielsen and the Rusted Hearts, Cameron McGill and What Army, The Snaggs, Purple Hell, Go-go Torpedo) set off on his own in late 2012 under the moniker of Black Squirrel. Years of supporting other artists, primarily as the backbone percussionist, allowed Micky to pile up songs of his own. The talented multi-instrumentalist, teacher, producer, recording studio owner and engineer reached out to me to contribute a creative hand with various tasks: In-studio production assistance, session photography, logo/identity development, design and overall encouragement to set forth on his own. Micky has recorded so much material as Black Squirrel since 2012, but has yet to settle on how to release it all. The world awaits to hear what I have.

Additional photography provided by Greg Farnham.

ClientMicky RosenquistServicesDirection, Branding Identity, Illustration, Photography,