Lizard Skynard – Self-Titled / Space Eels

Jason Mossy Vaughn and I sat down and designed up this packaging in about 5-10 minutes for his travelling circus band with the Lizard Man (Eric Sprague) and comedian, Joel Keith. Clearly a project I think about often. Working with Mossy on this Rockford via Austin release taught me a few creative tricks I didn’t have beforehand: 1) How to get to the point quicker with what is being produced, and 2) to give little fucks for what others think— or will think, errantly more often than right, and 3) Imperfections are perfection to the ears and eyes of the beholder. Using bland fonts and bright neon colors, not caring for form and function, design rules per say, and tossing it at the viewer to make their own sense of. It’s a process I still use today because of working with Mossy on this release. Since then we’ve worked on a few projects and they’re all rooted in the moment, letting it go, and not giving a fuck for what others think or react to. Afterall, that’s what we artists are supposed to be doing with our craft, right? Or not, whatever.

Included in this set of work are photographs of Lizard Man that Mossy took. The motorcycle Lizard Skynard logo used on the cd face designed by Mike Bunjan. Also included are screen printed designs for the band I produced with Mossy, and the “Space Eels” CD EP cover I illustrated for Jaegermeister to distribute for the band.

ClientLizard Skynard, Lizard Man, Mossy VaughnServicesDirection, Design, IllustrationYear2010-Present