Miles Nielsen – Presents The Rusted Hearts

Miles Nielsen’s 2012 release on vinyl, cd, and digital, “Presents The Rusted Hearts,” was his first with a steady lineup, and the first recording he released on vinyl. To commemorate and afford the vinyl production costs of the release, we conducted a crowdsourcing campaign on Kickstarter that raised $5500 on a $3500 goal. (Link:

I had the pleasure of planning, directing, and producing separate album art packages for the double-gatefold vinyl release and CD version. The vinyl version allowed me the freedom to work with Ryan Davis, incredible regional photographer, who graciously donated his skills to the project to make the vinyl packaging a limited, special release for Miles and the band. For the CD version I needed to save time, so I resorted to some design tricks that I can’t say I’m always proud of— an animal with a hat on. The band and its fans seem to love the elephant with a hat on, so, that’s all that matters.

Vinyl Packaging Photography by Ryan Davis

ClientMiles Nielsen and The Rusted Hearts, Rotown RecordsServicesDirection, Design, Illustration,