My God The Heat – Beautiful Men In An Ugly Town

Stu Johnson (The Pimps, The Nice Lords) decided to disband his long-running punk outfit, The Pimps, to release a new record under the name “My God The Heat”. Their debut recording was released in 2012. I turned to my grandparents old film photo collection for a handful of ideas that Stu was on-board for. My grandma’s photography decorates the entire packaging. For the launch of the record, and new band, I directed and designed an allotment of merchandise, logos, posters to help Stu transition his Pimps fanbase to the new band. It worked, but then Stu decided to change this band’s name and lineup into “The Nice Lords” when his son joined up to assist in 2014 with a new batch of songs and recordings. Dig them up— lots of work to find and enjoy by Stu-bear and his frands over the years. I’ve been fortunate enough to help him dress up a decent half dozen recordings in the last decade.

ClientMy God The Heat, Stuart JohnsonServicesDirection, Branding, Logo Identity, Design, Photography, Illustration, Merchandise, Social