Shadows & Mirrors – Summerland

“Summerland” is the 2017 vinyl release by Shadows & Mirrors, the working synthwave moniker of Brian Diamond. It follows up 2016’s “Aria”. Known Brian for years and was pretty honored to be asked to help him with this release. He asked that I tap into the 1980s with regards to that era, its design and theme, but that I also give it an out of time and place feel. I turned to my acrylic paints to produce a large, primary-colored painting that I felt had potential for leading down a road that Brian intended for his music’s artwork. That hunch proved right. The digital end allowed for a few LA sunset photos that I chopped up and collaged into something new to play with within the paint strokes. The fortunate thing about attempting to design something representing the 80s look and feel is that there are plenty of retro ideas and images available to play with online— hence, exactly how the labels came about. Finding the right combination of fonts was a bit tricky as Brian needed a logo to add to the record, but also to use as merch items to promote Shadows & Mirrors as an entity with and without the new record in mind. Summerland is available to order now on 180g vinyl, and is being released by Nub Music UK.

ClientShadows & MirrorsServicesDirection, Painting, Design, Branding, Logo Dev, Merch, Social