Dave DeCastris

Fractional executive director, strategist, designer, developer, consultant and contractor of brand, creative, marketing, sales, tech stack and overall business operations. Sometimes leading and servicing any and all depending on the day. Albeit career labels pay the bills, but the only two roles I proudly own are artist and dad. My diverse body of work is a direct reflection of high-quality clients, partners and collaborators, spanning variable industries and needs. I hold a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Design and Fine Art from Bradley University (1996)—granted, soapbox warning: I’m unsure if investing in an education is a respectful accomplishment anymore. Especially in modern day America. Take one look at social media for proof and to realize how ridiculous and ignorant we’ve become as a human race, and that’s regardless of an education. Anyway, read what others say about working with me over the years (click here)… And If you’re so inclined, please contact me for a serious talk about how to prepare mean bowls of soups and pastas!

YOU$A™ and have a nice day on the internet,


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