Dave DeCastris

Executive Creative Director, Artist, Dad, Pasta, Soup and Nap Enthusiast

Leader and influencer of 360° multichannel creative brand marketing strategies, campaigns, and media development for diverse industries. Achieving successfully superficial, financially driven, soulless results, high profit margins and infinite ROIs, for American businesses is a sliver of this dull marketing professional story.

DeCastris is also an established artist, mentor, collaborator, and art director to published musicians and writers — the artists’ artist—amassing a prolific body of work under the moniker, Andy Whorehall (2004 – Present).

Managing a nearly 3 decades long career in business while nurturing natural born talents, working alongside peer artists as time allows, provides a self-nurtured, motivated balance. The dichotomy between business and the arts allows him to remain sane and tolerant of others who lack an actions-first/talk-last ethos. (Especially when sitting through redundant weekly business meetings. Dave does not like meetings. He believes they’re for amateurs, or anyone who enjoys talking too much; or worse, to listen to themselves repeating the same nonsense without actively doing anything.  That’s not this Dave’s style.)

Clientele includes:  Ace Hardware Corporation, Sony Music/RCA, Red Cross, Taylor Carrier, Cameron McGill, Richard Edwards, Cory Chisel, Emily Lind, Trapper Schoepp and more. An expansive skill set alongside collaborative experiences are evidenced by a multifaceted portfolio. 

Published work includes the books: Believe: RkfdNews” (2014), and I Mash Potatoes On My Face, What You Do Today? (2015). DeCastris’s recent article, Lost In The Cracks:  The American Creative Class (2021), focuses on the USA’s largest undocumented workforce, the “Creative Class”. 56 million working Americans and growing.

He is the producer and creator of the 2011 – 2014 podcast series, Songs About Stuff and Things Radio Hour“,  and recently launched a new, membership-only, podcast production on the Substack platform, Have a nice day on the internet! (2021 – Present).

DeCastris holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Design from Bradley University (1996), and calls the Chicagoland/Rockford region home base. Contact Dave for a laugh, unmerciful honesty, or for advice with how to prepare mean bowls of soups and pastas.


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