Oh hi!  Below is my bio—blatantly written by me in the third person—enjoy!

Dave DeCastris is an executive creative director (for financial survival), and professional artist (a result of genetic code misnomers, or poor life/career choices).  Director, developer, designer, producer, manager, copywriter, editor, publisher, songwriter, illustrator, photographer, and author are amongst many hats he wears on any given day.  DeCastris holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Design and Fine Arts from Bradley University (1996).  His hybrid career path includes leading creative brand services for a variety of industries, blue-chip companies, boutique startups and nonprofits.  He’s also an in-demand contract creative director and artist, often collaborating with peers on a body of mixed media work for publishing and distribution under his brand moniker, Andy Whorehall (est. 2004).  His books—Believe: By RKFDNews” (Life Artners Publishing, 2014), and “I Mash Potatoes of My Face, What You Do Today?” (Life Artners Publishing, 2015)—are available via Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or through his gallery store (signed copies, limited).  DeCastris also records and publishes songs for online distribution under various names, Donkey Boy USA (1996 – 2011) and Silent Kit (2011-Present).  He loves music, food, books, and day-long doses of solitude—to create.  King David uses his skills and influence to lead an ongoing global fight against poor business ethics and disingenuous actions which are being executed at an incessant pace by capitalist scumbags and privileged ponies.  He resides and produces work from within a violent northern Illinois region called Rockford.  Mr. Dave is safely surrounded by a wife, son, and pit bull.

Clientele and Collaborators

Associated Press
General Motors (Ford)
Hardware Corporation
Sony Music
RCA Records


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