Dave DeCastris

Executive Creative Director By Day, Artist and Nap Enthusiast By Birth

Midwest based art director, designer, author and multidisciplinary one-man brand marketing machine.  A graduate of Bradley University (1996) with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Design and Fine Arts.  Began my career designing for Fortune 100 / 500 brand accounts (see below) before experiencing a few years of agency life.  I ventured off in 2004 to run my own studio as a contract creative director and brand marketing consultant.  Influencing and developing 360° brand marketing direction, strategies and goals for diverse industries, national and regional clientele, continues to pave a hybrid path that provides freedom from becoming pigeon-holed within one industry.

I also moonlight as an artist—founded Andy Whorehall in 2004 to provide an outlet away from business contracts.  Establishing relationships with music makers is a life/work decision that continues to be rewarding.  It provides a perspective of the world and everyone around me as potential ideas to fearlessly observe, ponder, mash up and produce sans inhibitions.  This process established my reputation as an influencer in the evolving symbiosis of design and music, and a believer in the power of art and creation to successfully nurture the careers of my peers.  Published books, music, and art can be found under various monikers—have fun googling away or digging through this site.

I’m open to new opportunities, locations, and random conversations—warning:  If you’re easily offended by unmerciful honesty, don’t waste our time.  I’ve no time for ponies.  Insert laughter and confusion.

Thanks in advance and have a nice day on the internet,


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