I’m an executive creative director of global brand marketing services by day and an artist by birth—a few limited titles covering many alchemist-like hybrid hats worn on a regular basisDaylight hours are spent leading the 360° execution of brand marketing and advertising contract services for diverse industries, blue-chip companies, boutique startup businesses and nonprofit organizations.  I earned a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Design and Fine Arts from Bradley University (1996).

I’ve been fortunate to work with name brands and start-ups, as well as talented independent artists because of a multifaceted skillset that is identical to a fully staffed agency—minus the overhead, staff, and cost of.  One long look through my site reveals more than I can summarize in this bio.  Clientele, collaborations and testimonials are available  to review by clicking here.

My extracurricular work as an artist is defined by a prolific mixed media portfolio produced under the moniker, Andy Whorehall (est. 2004).  I am not specific to one style, movement, or media.  Writing books, illustrating, and composing music consumes much of my time when I’m not leading and influencing national and regional songwriters with their creative direction needs for music releases, digital, cd/vinyl packaging, and artist brand merchandise four touring and ecommerce intents.

Maintaining this childlike freedom/energy within my personal work fuels the chameleon-like focus and patience needed to manage and nurture relationships and responsibilities between business and the arts.  There are a plethora of executive egos and coffee-infested meetings which often consumes the daytime clock, rendering conservative environments to be less productive and cost-effective (from my experience).  I couldn’t have survived this long in business within a conservative region out of a financial necessity without having established an alternate life in the arts that isn’t trapped by monetary needs and locational restraints.  The independent duality paved a path and life that isn’t pigeon-holed by agency/industry and cultural/societal herd-like labels.

I was the contract Creative Director, Brand Influencer, Producer for Sock Monkey Sound (2009-2014), a top 10 National music and culture podcast by USA Today (2011) and Paste Magazine (2012).  I also publish songs under additional independent monikers; Donkey Boy USA (1996 – 2011) and Silent Kit (2011-Present).  Somehow, someway, I found time to author two published non-fictional books:  Believe: By RKFDNews” (2014), and “I Mash Potatoes of My Face, What You Do Today?” (2015). 

I reside and produce work for a national roster of contracted businesses and artists from within a violent northern Illinois region called Rockford, safely surrounded by a wife, son, and pit bull.  I’m open to new opportunities or conversations, try me—fill out the form on this page and I’ll respond within 365 days. That’s right—365 days or less!



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