Dave DeCastris

Executive Creative Director Et al.*

Agency Assassin, Anti-Meetings Advocate, Social Distancing Evangelist, Vigilante Artist, Nap Enthusiast and Pasta Everyday Preacher

To businesses I’m an established one-man brand marketing services agency, and to peers I am the artists’ artist.  A dichotomy of sorts:   Superficial financially responsible industry work VS. passion work— as most individuals recognize the latter as being irresponsible.  The pursuit of dreams to sustain child-like wonder usually invites constant criticism and misunderstanding which I continue to recycle into fuel for creative fire.   A graduate of Bradley University, majoring in Design, I paved my own career path soon after relocating back to my hometown close to two-and-a-half decades ago to experience an overwhelming lack of livable opportunities, employment, and general respect for creative professionals.  Taking risks with working and creating continues to pay off in non-monetary, life fulfillment ways.  Leading diverse career paths while helping many achieve creative/business goals is an ongoing career highlight that I still invest great time and care in.  You’ll discover that I’m not a normal, one-dimensional executive creative director; nor do I consider myself a one-dimensional artist.  My body of work and peer testimonials says it best.

How about you?  Why are you trolling around this site?  Talk to me— I welcome random conversations. 

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    * If you need to ask what an “Executive Creative Director” is and does, please do a little research.  You’re forgiven if misled to believe that a creative professional is an  I.T. guy or gal.  That’s not what an Executive Creative Director is; and to assume that we are an IT and network support solution, know that assuming the same about about anyone’s career path is disrespectful.   Lets all try to know better— to do better.