Dave DeCastris is an executive creative director and professional artist.*

He holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Design and Fine Arts from Bradley University (1996).  His hybrid career path includes leading creative brand services for diverse industries, blue-chip companies, boutique startups and nonprofits (click here to review).  DeCastris is also an in-demand contract creative director, consultant, influencer/disruptor, and collaborative artist with a prolific mixed media body of work produced under the brand moniker, Andy Whorehall (est. 2004).  He is the author of two books—Believe: By RKFDNews” (2014), and “I Mash Potatoes of My Face, What You Do Today?” (2015)— available through all major resellers (Amazon, Barnes) or through his online storeDeCastris, as Andy Whorehall, was the Creative Director, Brand Influencer/Disruptor, and Producer for Sock Monkey Sound (2009-2014) and Songs About Stuff and Things (2010-2013); two grassroots podcast productions which received national recognition.  Sock Monkey Sound was named a top 10 National music and culture podcast by USA Today (2011) and Paste Magazine (2012).  Aside of producing mixed media fine artwork for gallery shows and events that he’s invited to participate in, DeCastris is also known to spend his time composing, recording, and publishing songs under additional monikers; Donkey Boy USA (1996 – 2011) and Silent Kit (2011-Present).

Dave spends time away from work with his family, loves music, food, books, and healthy doses of solitude to learn and create.  He resides and produces work for a national roster of contracted businesses and artists from within a violent northern Illinois region called Rockford.  You will never hear him exclaim these four words, “I am so bored.”  DeCastris is safely surrounded by a wife, son, and pit bull.

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Leader, influencer, executive, director, manager, strategist, researcher, analyst, consultant, IT administrator, hardware specialist, programmer, developer, designer, producer, manager, copywriter, editor, publisher, audio/video producer, songwriter, illustrator, photographer, and author are amongst many hats worn and relied upon.  They’re all pigeon-holed labels at the end of the day.

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