Dave DeCastris — Executive Creative Director By Day, Artist and Nap Enthusiast By Birth

One-man brand agency and multidisciplinary artist.  Diverse clientele and collaborations continues to fuel an expanding portfolio and hybrid work/life path.Commenced this journey designing for Fortune 100 blue-chip brands (1995 – 1998) before experiencing wild west environments and incestuous ethics found within ponderous agencies (1998 – 2004).  Soft-launched myself in 2004 as a full-firm services contract creative director, developer, designer and consultant for 360° brand marketing campaigns, strategies and development for diverse industries, national and regional clientele.  Simultaneously rediscovered my fine art and music roots that same year which led to establishing a working artist moniker, Andy WhorehallA personal collection of outsider-art, published books, music, podcasts, mixed-media, and collaborative projects can be found via google or digging through my siteAchieving trusted, long-term, relationships and collaborations with inspirational thinkers, makers, artists, musicians, filmmakers, and writers from across the United States remains to be the root of its success, now in its 17th year.  I also hold a day job as an Executive Creative Director for a N. Illinois manufacturer.  I’m the entire marketing firm; not by choice, by survival.  It’s quite unheard of what I’ve been managing without support for the last 8 years.  Oh yawn… Wait… One more thing:  I possess an expensive Bachelor’s of Science degree in Design (major) and Fine Arts (minor) from Bradley University (1996)My portfolio and clientele testimonials says the rest best.

It’s your turn—tell me about you:  What are you listening to?  What are you reading?  I don’t care to know about your branding, marketing to sales goals.  Everyone has the same goals:  Increase revenue, connect with consumers, be different, be best (lol)—right?  Right, topic over.  Talk to me about pizza, music, books—I welcome conversations about topics that can inspire.

Thank you for your time and have a nice day on the internet,