Dave DeCastris

Executive Creative Director By Day, Artist By Birth

I’ve earned a handful of alchemist-like career labels—author, podcaster, producer, composer, illustrator, photographer, developer, designer, programmer, analyst, I.T. and network comm. guy, salesforce system administrator, eCommerce manager, HR, freight, sales, and accounting—the perils of high aptitude and intelligence to survive within a lazy, lopsided American economy, or a direct result of poor leaders who have steered capitalism into the ground by putting greed and profits above people.  Eat or be eaten, I prefer having too many roles vs. becoming pigeon-holed.

I graduated from Bradley University (96) with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Design and Fine Arts.  I’ve successfully managed to sustain 24 years leading the direction of 360° brand marketing and advertising services across all media for diverse industries, blue-chip companies, startup businesses, nonprofit organizations, and peer contractors.  I nurture businesses and creative professionals equally while establishing a zero-tolerance policy for compromising with poor ethics.

Understanding survival and adaptability comes firsthand. I operated my own business for a decent decade (2004-2013)—and through a terrible recession.  Running my own business taught me how to manage a mountain of issues and nurture relationships that matter for the long-run.  It also taught me about clients who evade invoices and abuse signed contracts; as well as politicians who profit, launder and thieve under the veil of community activism and municipal marketing.  America is in trouble. We need to take care of each other—and our leaders from both public and private sectors are failing.  I do what I can to lead by action with my multifaceted skillset every chance presented.

That’s a sliver of the story.  I moonlight as an artist by birth.  Leading peer artists with completing, packaging, publishing and distributing music, books, film, and merchandise into the world.  A small portion of such extracurricular work can be found under the moniker, Andy Whorehall (est. 2004).  With this moniker I was the contract Creative Director, Brand Influencer, Writer, Producer and Performer for Sock Monkey Sound (2009-2014).  The production was recognized as a top 10 National music and culture podcast by USA Today (2011) and Paste Magazine (2012).

I also publish songs under additional independent monikers:  Donkey Boy USA (1996 – 2011) and Silent Kit (2011-Present).  Not one to sit too long within one media, I authored and published two books (with a few more in production):  Believe: By RKFDNews” (2014), and “I Mash Potatoes of My Face, What You Do Today?” (2015).  All available online through national distributors.

Playing with my son, writing books, illustrating, composing music consumes my personal time when I’m not directing brand marketing strategies and production for businesses and artists.   I reside within a violent northern Illinois region called Rockford, safely surrounded by my small family.  I’m open to new opportunities, locations, and random conversations—try me.  I typically respond within 365 days or minutes. That’s right, 365 days or minutes.  It’s random.

Have a nice day on the internet—YOU$A®™!



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