Dave DeCastris is an executive creative director and professional artist.*  He holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Design and Fine Arts from Bradley University (1996).  His hybrid career path includes leading creative brand services for diverse industries, blue-chip companies, boutique startups and nonprofits.  DeCastris is also an in-demand contract creative director, disruptor, and collaborative artist with a prolific mixed media body of work produced under a brand moniker, Andy Whorehall (est. 2004).  He is the author of two books—Believe: By RKFDNews” (Life Artners Publishing, 2014), and “I Mash Potatoes of My Face, What You Do Today?” (Life Artners Publishing, 2015)— available through all major resellers (Amazon, Barnes) or through his online storeDeCastris, as Andy Whorehall, was the Creative Director, Brand Ambassador, and Producer for Sock Monkey Sound (2009-2014) and Songs About Stuff and Things (2010-2013); two independent, self-financed, grassroots podcast productions which received national recognition.  Sock Monkey Sound was named a top 10 National music and culture podcast by USA Today (2011) and Paste Magazine (2012).  He continues to write, record, and publish songs—accruing over 600+ songs to date—under additional monikers; Donkey Boy USA (1996 – 2011) and Silent Kit (2011-Present).

DeCastris spends time away from work with his family, loves music, food, books, and healthy doses of solitude to learn and create.  He resides and produces work for a national roster of contracted clientele, businesses and artists, from within a violent northern Illinois region called Rockford.  You will never hear him exclaim these four words, “I am so bored.”  DeCastris is safely surrounded by a wife, son, and pit bull.

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Leader, influencer, executive, director, manager, strategist, researcher, analyst, consultant, IT administrator, hardware specialist, programmer, developer, designer, producer, manager, copywriter, editor, publisher, audio/video producer, songwriter, illustrator, photographer, and author are amongst many hats worn and relied upon.  They’re all pigeon-holed labels at the end of the day which sadly allows companies to layoff less talented employees and freeze hiring budgets in exchange for abusing Dave DeCastris’s hybrid, multifaceted skill set and polarizing experience in both business and the arts.  DeCastris’ finest gift may be that of learning how to deal with narcissists, megalomaniacs, business bozos, scumbags, sales sluts, douchebags, liars, thieves, inept leaders from within diverse industries.  His intolerance of poor ethics is worthy of a Presidential medal—but not from this current president.  (Donald Trump is a garbage human.)  DeCastris wonders often what life could be like had he focused on a career in medicine or higher education.  Something that feels better at the end of the day.  Something which truly and genuinely benefits humanity and the pursuit of advanced intelligence.  He wonders every single waking second of the day, and throughout his sleep, of another career located on an island that’s far, far, far away from the Northern Illinois sh*tshow he has been trying to escape from for his entire life.  That’s right, proceed.

Dave DeCastris dreams of retiring to an island which lacks rats, pollution, superstores, automobiles, and wireless networks.  He has successfully shunned intentional social, professional, and personal acts related to participating in society’s shallow rat race.  Mr. Dave prefers that rats remain with other rats in their big bad hollow cities surrounded by concrete, cars, traffic, and bricks.   Avoiding people by the millions commuting to and from through man-made clouds of smog and pollution is one of his greatest achievements.  The cruel veil of life’s potential presents itself early on during the human development phase with mythical and financial aspirations, hopes and dreams, but in the end, these rats—millions of selfish, ignorant rats racing around in circles—become metaphors for entropy, exhaustion, and expiration.  The universe revealed this pure message (in some ways, a warning about the forthcoming human experience) upon exiting his mother’s womb.  “A passionless life reveals itself amongst the rats,” DeCastris has been known to say to loved ones, but mostly he whispers it to himself when consumed by financial and society pressures to keep up with the bozos show.  He is in constant pursuit of becoming an island of a man; a spirit animal without a tail to chase; a source of inspiration for those in need of knowing and doing better with whatever time remains on this beautiful but ignorant-human-infested planet.  “He is pure aqua. Men, women, horses, sharks, dolphins, bears, wolves, and dogs—not cats, hornets, snakes, or ponies—are made complete in his presence,” says his agent, Lord Thomas Derby, CEO and LORD of ALL in the YOU$A®™.

Clientele and Collaborators

Associated Press
General Motors (Ford)
Hardware Corporation
Sony Music
RCA Records


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