ABG – Product Dev

Being an Executive Creative Marketing Director at ABG Bag, Inc. also means being hands on with new product development and planning its marketing materials, product identity for wholesale and retail launch. The launch of ABG’s new patented product, BOB, a single-use pole and pad mount transformer bag allowed me to play with sub-branding ideas that didn’t steer too far from ABG’s global brand. The fact that the product itself is a big, orange bag made my initial logo development tasks all the more simple to accomplish under tight time constraints while handling various advertising and marketing roles and tasks within the business and all media that passes through my head and hands. Below you’ll see the BOB’s logo use on a few sell sheets that I also designed while developing the logo.

ClientABG Bag, Inc.ServicesProduct Branding, Logo DevelopmentYear2017Linkabgbag.com

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