Cameron McGill & What Army – Warm Songs For Cold Shoulders

“Warm Songs For Cold Shoulders,” by Cameron McGill & What Army, was released in 2009 on CD and digital. It’s the first of many recorded releases by Cameron that I’ve provided Art Direction and creative production for. Warm Songs’ artwork began in early 2008. It took a few months to produce illustrations for what became the bulk of the record’s packaging and final cover.

The original plan was to release the CD as a book with illustrations for every song. Budgeting the reproduction of the book/cd became an obstacle we couldn’t finance in time for a 2009 release. After many months of work, we succumbed to the fact that I had to rush a standard digipak layout together in order for the album to be released.

It was a creatively nurturing project that built a foundation of trust amongst the work that I was producing for Cameron’s music that continues almost 10 years later.

ClientCameron McGill & What ArmyServicesArt Direction, Design, Illustration, Packaging,

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