Ernie Hendrickson — Monday Night Live Campaign

Continuing on from where Ernie and I left off with directing all brand materials related to his 2019 album release, “Roll On,” the Chicago area songwriter asked me for a bit of pandemic-quarantine creative direction help across video to merchandising channels to help bring in crowd-sourced funds during an unprecedented time for all. Ernie—as many musicians did during much of 2020 into the summer of 2021—streamed live performances every Monday night for weeks at a time to take 2 months off here and there to work on new material. For season one’s efforts we kept it simple with tee shirt merchandising, pre-orders, and done—coinciding with an 18 x 24″ poster reproduction of a piece of artwork (produced by Matthew Jesiolowski) that I cleaned up and designed for specialty poster print operations. Merchandise sold out based on pre-orders. After season one’s success, Ernie asked that I produce a few video content/animation assets to promote seasons two and three throughout his social media channels on an as-needed-on-the-fly basis. Easy, done. Ernie, with the help of a supportive crowd-funding base, was barely able to survive amongst the global uncertainties. He has a wife and family to care for as well—as many musicians do. I look forward to all getting back on the road and in front of people doing what they do best. What the pandemic taught everyone shouldn’t be ignored: Artists are pre-conditioned to survive. I couldn’t connect with many people within my life aside of the artists I worked with when time allowed during the pandemic, because isolation is healthy for us. Being able to have time alone provides reasons to create, to be proactive. A time to create anew, to survive, comes second hand to us. Most of you have an awful lot to learn versus complaining about wearing a mask, being stuck indoors, and being forced to deal with your inner. extroverted-laced thoughts without driving introverts batty with your drunken nonsense. Learn something new, read a book, discover new music—be still. Below I’ve made available my private, unlisted source videos that I provided him to use as needed on his social accounts and additional website and email marketing platforms. Follow Ernie wherever ya can and tune in, he’s a great songwriter and appreciator of the arts who works his ass off. Start here and follow the trail:

ClientErnie HendricksonServicesDirection, Design, Video/Animation Production and EditingYear2020 -

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