Sock Monkey Sound Podcast

Sock Monkey Sound Podcast’s founders invited me to contribute content—articles, interviews, editing, podcast production and overall Creative Direction— around late 2009. USA Today (2011), Paste Magazine (2012), and Performer Magazine (2016) named Sock Monkey Sound a top 10 national Music and Culture Podcast. Despite having national recognition lauded upon us within the first 3 years of its startup, we were unfocused and extremely brand-less until 2013. I tried to create something fun to mark the show in order to continue growing an audience through content sharing and guerrilla marketing efforts, which to this day is still being used to brand the podcast online through various distribution channels. We’ve since cancelled the web site operation of the podcast to ease solely being found on iTunes and many other podcast distribution channels. Over 100 episodes are available for free on iTunes to listen / stream / or download.

ClientSock Monkey Sound PodcastServicesCreative Direction, Podcast Production, Brand Identity + Logo Development, Social Media, Articles +

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