Cameron McGill — Horse Race

Cameron McGill is preparing a new full-length album, “The Widow Cameron,” for a Fall 2022 release on streaming platforms, and an early 2023 physical vinyl release (crowdsource campaign coming soon). Cameron entrusted me to lead creative direction, including video production for this first single, “Horse Race,” while assisting with various content marketing channels. I enlisted my son, Otis, to assist with a majority of the organic media/fine art services needed for various channels and asset building (album cover, single, video production et al.). A bit of painting, illustration, and then the design magic of puzzling it all together on my end. The process has been very colorful and open-ended. Otis’s abstract color template influenced one idea feeding into another, and repeat, with Cameron assisting me on the art direction. He with a day job, me with a day job, and Otis unknowingly helping! Here’s the first of this process that my son and I worked on with “Horse Race” for Cameron— formally released on all streaming platforms June 14, 2022. It is the first single and video from the forthcoming album, as well as marking his first formal musical release after a 10 year hiatus filled with many other achievements. Enjoy— and there’s more work from this album’s release to be shared as the year unfolds!

ClientCameron McGillServicesCreative Direction and Content Marketing Services: Design, Painting, Illustration, Video Production and

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