Cameron McGill — The Widow Cameron

Cameron McGill is preparing a new full-length album, “The Widow Cameron,” for a Fall 2022 release on streaming platforms, and an early 2023 physical vinyl release (crowdsource campaign coming early 2022). Cameron entrusted me to lead creative direction, including video production for individual song-visualizers from the album, “Horse Race” and “Attention”, to build audience awareness and engagement before the album launch.

Always short for time due to needing a day job, I enlisted my then-six-now-seven year old son, Otis, to assist with a majority of the organic media/fine art work production assets needed for channel building (album cover, singles with song visualizer-videos, et al.) in January/February 2022 while on weekends and breaks. Painting and illustration by the boy, and design direction on my end. The process has been freeing—colorful and open-ended—which is how I wanted to approach Cameron’s first album release in nearly a decade. Both he and I are experiencing many life and career changes since the last album we began work on in Fall of 2012 for its release late 2013, “Gallows Etiquette”.

I took on a job since, leaving nearly a decade working for myself as an artist/creative director on contract campaigns, got married and became a parent. Cam put himself back through grad school to teach university level creative writing in the great northwest, Washington State University. What remains consistent for each is a passion for the arts and trusting the process to collaborate on something larger than the day to day responsibilities. Music is larger than the day to day, it lives forever. It finds old ears, new ears, it never ages and survives generations even when we— as its creators—clearly know we won’t survive.

Otis’s innocent abstract color paintings influenced one design idea feeding into the next, and repeat. Cameron assisting every step of the way on the art direction with me to take for this release. Take a dig into the work-in-progress direction for “The Widow Cameron” below. Creative work commenced in early 2022 on the cover, alongside four singles to follow suit being released between May to September 2022. A crowdsourcing campaign for the physical vinyl release is scheduled to launch late September 2022, with digital streaming of the entire album available on October 4th, 2022. The crowdsource physical vinyl release is tentatively aiming for an early 2023 ship date.

I’ll be updating this portfolio entry as the work is released—enjoy listening below—and have a nice day on the internet!

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