Cameron McGill – Gallows Etiquette

“Gallows Etiquette,” the 2013 full-length vintl/CD/and digital release by Cameron McGill, marked the 6th recording release (full-lengths, EPs, and singles) that Cam and I have worked on together. Working with Cameron has been a creative highlight that has allowed me to exercise all facets of my skillset for him with every release and campaign to suit it— design, film photography, illustration, screen printing, painting, copywriting, and web development amongst the few exercised. “Gallows Etiquette” took 13 months to come to a final cover and layout. Many ideas were attempted between photography to art, and I’m happy to say that it came full-circle with an original black/white film photo produced by Jonas Mason which I saw as being “it,” the cover, during the earlier phases of the record art. I added a few abstract film photos of my own to give the cover and artwork a touch of color, while producing illustrations to dress up the rest of the record art. Part of “Gallows Etiquette” release included web development and design to accommodate the release, along with additional work: “Canyonlands / godspeedyoudaredevil” single featuring photography and illustration I produced. Working with Cameron, his craft and he personally, is always something I look forward to.

ClientCameron McGillServicesArt Direction, Design, Branding, Social Media, Merch,

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