Grateful to all companies, collaborators, and peers who entrust me with their creative needs.

Dave is the rare combination of artist and long lost businessman, each possessing class and integrity. When you choose Dave for your project you’ll be making a very, very wise decision. His collaboration skills solely makes entire ad firms filled with departments of heads and hands look like an overpriced puppet show production on an expendable lunch break. A one man firm that puts marketing firms to shame on direction, execution, quality and cost.

Brian Diamond, Flow Leader — GE Aviation; Ambassador — Humai; and Founder/Producer/Artist — Electric Dream Records (Rockford, IL)

“Dave is the most creative person I’ve ever met and had the pleasure of working with. I wish we could work together every day (including weekends and holidays). His creativity and humor is on another plane, and light years ahead of the norm. I don’t have time for much media consumption being a self-employed entrepreneur also in the media field, but Dave’s stuff always gets my attention and respect. On those rare occasions where I LOL, it’s usually from something of Dave’s. The world needs more Daves. He’s also a very nice person. Follow him on social media.”

Justin Perkins, Owner / Engineer / Producer / Artist — Audio Mastering Engineer at Mystery Room Mastering (Milwaukee, WI).  When not in the studio, you can find JP out on tour as a performer for many bands including:  Yesterday’s Kids, Blueheels, and The Obsoletes, Cory Chiselthe Paul Collins Beat, and Tommy Stinson (Replacements/Guns N’ Roses/Bash & Pop).

“Dave is a special human. Before ever speaking with him, I felt a strange connection to his humor and perspective upon reading an online interview he’d done. He is a uniquely creative beast, but also a great listener, and it all spills out into his work. He’s been a true pleasure and a humbling dude to work with, as he’s game for throwing all the spaghetti at the wall and seeing what sticks…but you must remember; even the least desirable of Dave’s spaghetti is handcrafted, artisanal, and awfully delicious. In a world of too many diluted options, this man will leave you with only the good fat.

Mike Bloom (Los Angeles, CA), Singer-songwriter, guitarist/multi-instrumentalist, composer, producer, and mixer.  Founding member of the band, The Elected, and has toured as a guitarist, a lap steel player, and vocalist around the globe for many artists, including Rilo Kiley, Jenny Lewis, and Julian Casablancas, among others.

“Dave and I have worked on several projects together; corporate identities, special projects, marketing campaigns, et cetera.  Dave always surpasses my expectations, and has done an excellent job perfectly blending the line between the creative world and corporate America to put forth a product second to none.  He’s always a pleasure to deal with and I would recommend him to anyone looking to efficiently tackle marketing aspects without the overhead costs of dealing with agencies and their inflated rates.  Dave solely puts full digital firms to shame on every service provided.  We contracted him for the decent part of a decade to provide creative and technical expertise, marketing direction, design production, and all delivered with high quality and fair rates across all medias and channels.

T.R. Moreau, Executive Vice President (2004 – 2014), Can Corporation of America (Blandon, PA); Director/Private Wealth Advisor, BMO Wealth Management

“I’ve had the pleasure of working closely with Dave on the creative direction, design, and release of three albums and two EPs from 2008-2014. His vision, creative spirit, energy, and attention to detail is always brought to bear on the project at hand—from the vinyl LP to the website. He is unique—a master of the technical and the creative. Both a writer and a visual artist. He’ll always be a part of any creative thing I do.”

Cameron McGill, Professor / Editor / Author / Singer-Songwriter — Washington State University (Pullman, WA).  Cameron’s forthcoming debut book of poetry, “In The Night Field,” is due out in June 2021.  He has performed, recorded, and released 6 full-length albums and 4 EPs.  His next album is tentatively due for release in late 2021/early 2022.

“Working with Dave DeCastris is always a pleasure and a complete professional artistic experience. When it comes to concept and execution, be it plain-jane simple or crazy creative, there is no better in the business. A true, rare hybrid artist with mad business skills. We have been working together for over 10 years, and anything I have envisioned, Dave has taken every project to the next level.”

Miles Nielsen, Owner / Artist — Midwest Sound (Rockford, IL)

Dave DeCastris was referred to me from our Web Developer.  His name was given with high praise, and after working with him, I can only duplicate that sentiment.  I hired Dave to develop a brand identity direction and logo for our new company. I gave him very few guidelines, and he over delivered with multiple brand identity phases, logo ideas, colors and formats. Dave was always quick to respond, took feedback well, and in the end, directed and produced a beautiful logo that we still get compliments on. I would recommend Dave DeCastris to anyone looking for direction and design work!”

Stephanie Friend, Marketing and Outreach Supervisor — Options Minnesota (Bursnville, MN)

“I’m thankful and honored that you’d share your artwork (in all forms) with me.  In a world of hacks and wannabes, you’re the real deal—both in terms of vision and execution.

Jeff Orduno, COO/General Counsel and Attorney — Urban Equity Properties (Rockford, IL)

I received the record. It is absolutely beautiful. You did such an incredible job. It chokes me up to look at it. Sooper Dooper (Madison, WI) did a blended color on vinyl and it is blowing me away. I am so grateful. It would not be what it is without you… To me this record and any others are my legacy. Some day I hope my son will see it as something unique that his Dad created.

Michael Tamony — Communications Officer, Marketing and PR / Artist, Songwriter – The Legion Of Decency (San Bernardino, CA)

I simply cannot imagine undertaking any creative endeavor without Dave. I will forever think of him as a functional member of the bands I’ve been in because his contributions are vital. His talents for all the visual design needed for posters, albums, social media, websites, etc. give a dynamic identity to the music I make. Whether bringing life to an idea of mine or completely conceiving ideas of his own for me, Dave creates designs that eclipse my expectations. I am incredibly glad to have Dave as an ally in life and art.”

Kevin Schwitters, Educator / Artist — TellTime, LaHistoria, The Braves, Table and Chairs (Rockford, IL)

“Andy Whorehall (Dave DeCastris) is a chameleon of the Internet age; constantly evolving his artistic styles and personas within different mediums. His work flows in a stream of consciousness, which feels both calculated and chaotic. Try to keep up. You won’t be able to.

 —Trapper Schoepp, Artist / Composer (Milwaukee, WI)

“Dave DeCastris will work beyond your wildest imagination. He will take your vision and crush it with a far better one that encapsulates everything you need and more. He is hands down the most underappreciated, underpaid artist I know. He is beyond what he gives himself credit for. I refuse to let anyone else envision my art. Thanks Dave for everything you’ve done for me, xoxo.”

Kelly Steward, Owner / Artist — Purpose Goods (Rockford, IL)

There lives a great man named DeCastris. His opuses are quite mysterious and masterous. He has no time for ponies, or fedora wearing phonies, whilst cultivating beauty from the disastrous.”

Micky Torpedo Rosenquist, Owner/Educator/Producer/Composer — Underground Squirrel Studio (Rockford, IL)

“You’ve changed the way I think about art. Working with you has been inspiring. You’re the best at what you do— caring for every idea that myself and others have while lighting it all on fire with something I never saw coming.You’ve been great to work and laugh with, but you are at your best when people fuck with you. You are the king horse running wild amongst a field of little ponies. We will always deliver a #lifetimeofpaybacks to anyone that crosses us. Your friend and life artner, Jay Vannigan and Johnny Emerald.”

Jason Vaughn, Owner/ Author / Artist— Midwest Sound (Rockford, IL)

“I began working with David in 2011. We started working together because I greatly admired his design portfolio, and he’s such a beautiful dummy that he helps people like me because he actually cares about music, art, his craft and that of those he works with. I guess we’ve found ways to make oh-so-minor dents in our compensation divide (i.e., him barely getting paid, me always needing help), but it never feels fair. I always end up needing his help, because I can never see the end result without some aspect of that certain something he brings to all his projects. Sometimes he designs the whole shebang for me. Sometimes I ask him to write an album title in 50 different versions of his handwriting. No matter what is asked of him, the end result is so, so, so much better because of his efforts. I guess he’s now sorta my longest running visual collaborator, and I cannot for the life of me imagine these last six years of albums without him. The guy who did sound design on “Raging Bull” used to burn all his master tapes after every movie so he’d be unable to give another director the exact same thing he’d done before. I don’t know if David does that, but it feels like he does. And that’s sorta my ideal.”

Richard Edwards, Artist / Composer — Margot and The Nuclear So & So’s (Indianapolis, IN)

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Dave on brand direction, business startup consultation, logo and website development (for my first business, salon) about 8 years ago, and again for a new business launch in 2017. Honestly, I was lost in the world of designing a logo and website without him. He patiently took me through every step and designed exactly what I was looking for. Every time I have a question or something I need, he responds quickly and knows exactly what to do. Working with Dave is entertaining, comforting and an absolute pleasure.”

Stephanie Nethery, Owner/Stylist — A•dore hair llc (Rockford, IL)

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