Cory Chisel – Sony Music / RCA

Sony Music / RCA signed Cory Chisel in 2008, who I had been working with for a few years at that point to establish artist and brand identity outside of the midwest. “Cabin Ghosts” EP was the first release by Cory for the label, and I was contracted to develop an audio-video focused web site for its release. Custom 8mm film was provided by Appleton videographer, John Adams, to work with, along with audio tracks featured on the Cabin Ghosts release.

(Keep in mind that these were the days of Adobe Flash web sites–everything had to be custom scripted.)

The “Cabin Ghosts” EP site has since been replaced by Cory’s management to coincide with whatever recordings Cory has been releasing through the years. This promotional audio/video website still holds a sweet spot in my portfolio due to the amount of work it took to pull off the site while being allowed an extremely small budget to work with.

These were the days before Wordpress became an industry standard for CMS responsive-browser based websites. The CMS backend of the site was developed with custom PHP/CSS (Pre-Wordpress) by Corey Frang and myself—and hasn’t been updated since 2009. Hence, there’s no need to link through the entire site as it’s content is now 50% dysfunctional and unattended to. However, if your browser still handles Adobe Flash plugins and web sites— enjoy:

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