Ernie Hendrickson — Roll On

Ernie contacted me in late 2018 wondering if I was up for leading him through the winter, spring, and summer of 2019 on all sorts of art direction fun for his newest recording, “Roll On”. It was an easy decision. I had been wanting to work with Ernie for the better part of 20 years. I keep tabs on the peer songwriters around the midwest that I need to cross paths with at some point, and Ernie was always one of a very few on a list of incredible writers that I hoped to have worked with at some point. Timing and circumstances seemed to lead us in other directions until recently. “Roll On” was produced by the revered Brian Deck (Modest Mouse, Margot and the Nuclear So and So’s, Califone, and so many more) in Chicago. Ernie approached me with the sort of focus very, very few have. A second child on the way in the spring of ’19 on his end, while understanding that my day-job schedule trumped everything we dared to accomplish. And we did. “Roll On” was effortless and extremely productive on many fronts. Working with Ernie superseded my expectations. He deserves the world, and the world deserves to hear his songs. 📸 Photography by Jan Hendrickson (Eagle), Quentin Buffington (Portraits), and Troy Thompson (Recording Studio).

ClientErnie HendricksonServicesArt Direction, Branding, Content, Packaging,

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