Name The Moon – Space Force

Name The Moon, a northern Illinois indie supergroup consisting of Derek Luttrell, Jason Mossy Vaughn, Jerry Sofran, Gavin Epperson and Scott Ford, asked me to follow up the work produced for their previous self-titled 2017 EP and follow-up singles with the official release of their limited 2019 full-length, “Space Force”. It was recorded at Steve Albini’s studio in Chicago by engineer supreme, Greg Norman, with the band throughout 2018. Mossy and I began brainstorming packaging and release ideas in early 2018, also while trying to plan ways to incorporate the creative work of peer artists the band contracted for PR and Photo purposes into the package design. At some point, the release was going to be a book with the accompanying music on a custom designed USB drive. The band’s budget didn’t allow such. What it did allow was more than what any band would put into their first release, and NTM did it grand. They allowed me to come up with any cover I wished to, and so I dug out some old inks, paints, graphite washes and film transparencies to destroy. Along with the limited 7″ Jacket Art, we decided go economical and slip CD production into sleeves and into the jacket. The release was also paired with a collaborative 24″ x 18″ poster design by regional photographer and artist, Breanda Fedie. Her work—photography and collage design, originally for PR and social marketing content purposes—was so good to begin with, and in two variable colors that myself and the band couldn’t decide between, that I didn’t have to do anything to the poster front sides but add logos to tie it into the package design. Mossy turned over a ton of copy to include as lyrics and credits, and fortunately, the widescreen layout and large poster size allowed me the comfort of getting away with tough typography, art abstract, and design choices to coincide with “Space Force”‘s overall vibe. The physical CD Jacket+ Goodies release was limited to 180 copies, each stuffed and personalized by the band members for their early 2019 release. A few copies still remain and are available on the band’s online store, as well a digital copy if that’s your sad cup of tea. Worth your time and money($15) to hunt a physical release. Once they’re gone, they’re gone. Itunes and the rest of the shitty online digital stream services have Name The Moon’s catalog up for listening and buying too.

ClientName The MoonServicesArt Direction, Design, Packaging, Painting, Illustration, Film Transfers [Poster Fronts: Blue/Pink Band PR Collage Photos by Breanda Fedie]

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