Illustrations + Paintings

Produced various illustrations for the last few decades. Never one to remain settled with style and tools as you’ll see. My moods or available finances dictate which tools (pofessional or elementary) to use on any given day: Inks, graphites, acrylics, markers, crayons and more. Having spent much of my life in Rockford, Illinois, I can’t afford the best of tools so I’ve settled for less to create more.

Friends and family occasionally request a portrait and style desired for a gift— as do strangers, clients, and peer artists that I’ve directed and produced artwork for as well (for their relative projects, recordings, albums, cds, etc.). I’ve sketchbooks everywhere. Occasional ideas leave those pages for the canvas or a larger cold/hot press board. Some end up directly in the computer from the sketchbook to be digitally colored and expanded upon for abstract layout purposes. Depends on the project and available time.

Been drawing since I could form an original thought, and much about what I set out to do as a 3 year old remains intact in my 40s. Some would say I’m lucky to know what I was supposed to be doing in life at an early age, however: There is a valid argument about working artists needing more time to be made for working artists needing to settle for time-consuming day jobs to pay the bills that dictate our worth to society.

Society, its materialistic rules and financial demands for survival, suck. Especially in poorer regions like mine that don’t offer opportunities to make life a tad easier on creative professionals. I’ve made my own for the most part, and I am lucky to have a job that somewhat utilizes creativity, but that doesn’t change the generalized, collective fact that society, privilege, self-entitlement, and materialism is the death of humanity.

(Time is the enemy— I can’t slow it down, nor can I get enough of it in-between all of the social, domestic noise and adult responsibilities that consume too much of what my skills need to thrive. I have not been at my best in the last four to five years like I was the previous 38. I could create on-demand around the clock without a care for others time, emotions, and social needs. Being a responsible adult is the first step towards accepting mortality while abandoning the unknown immortality that a life and work in the arts offers.)

ClientBuyers, Musicians, MyselfServicesTechnical Ink, India Ink, Graphite, Charcoal, Cray-Pas, Crayola, Watercolor, Acrylic, OilYear1973-Present

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