Montel Technologies

Montel Technologies developed a security-solutions program for businesses, “Eagle Armor,” that they test-marketed at industry trade shows in the Chicagoland region with the help of SupplyCore/SecureCore, a procurement supplier to the U.S. Defense Department. The program attracted government, municipal, and private sector investors in Montel Technologies’ security services, hardware, and software. I worked with Montel on an as-needed basis to lead them through many brand and services transitions. Montel Tech’s current partners includes the Chicago Public School District, Motorola, Dell, Honeywell and more. Watching its CEO and founder, Ray Montelongo, grow and hustle his dream business from his living room to a sustainable fully-staffed operation over the past 20 years—and never giving up, especially with how the late 2000s recession treated many of us, and now seeing what the 2020 pandemic is doing—always gives me a proud grin when I stumble through past clientele archives and files.

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