St. Mary’s Healthcare Ottawa

Art Director for Pablo Korona’s commercial video production with St. Mary’s Healthcare Ottawa, account managed by Heinzeroth (agency). This followed up contract art direction work on the UW Swedish American Health Network video production commercial. I found myself in non-budgeted circumstances by the agency and Korona as the A.D. to be a stand-in actor/model; to use my car for a prop; and to wonder why I would agree to do anything like this again for $200 without having travel, meals, and gas reimbursed. (I can tell you why I did this—and it was the same reason I agreed to the Swede’s contract—it was the national recession, and any work was good work. Feed your loved ones; eat or be eaten. Albeit never again.)

ClientSt. Mary's Healthcare Ottawa, Pablo Korona Moving PicturesServicesArt Direction,

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