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Can Corporation of America, a steel can manufacturer and supplier located in Blandon, PA, annually contracted me from 2004 through 2014 to service the company’s 360° global brand marketing initiatives. I worked closely with the President and Vice-President to rebrand the corporation’s identity, develop presentations for the board, establish internal collateral marketing and sales tools, steer CMS web development to accommodate the rebranding and integrate CCA’s product manufacturing to target its target audience—Food Packaging industry. I spent a decent part of that decade successfully steering a cross-media, social, digital, print, video, semi-grassroots Steel Recycling Facts campaign that CCA contracted me for (aside of the annual budget) to lead, inform, and casually influence the market and consumers. Building awareness through digital marketing, paid-for SEO campaigns, and consumer-friendly content attracted an environmentally conscious audience to influence buying habits. Social marketing channels are still up, here’s a peek at the facebook page, and below is a YouTube channel commercial I produced:

Note that the main campaign domain/hosting is now defunct. Current agency didn’t want to pick up the ball and continue the influential campaign when I departed my decade-long role. I’m sure it was an east coast agency cost spike that forced CCA to sever the campaign altogether. A quick background on the Steel Recycling Facts campaign: The food industry was/still is consumed by a majority of plastic and composite packaging materials—the least recyclable, sustainable material. Steel is costly, but it is the highest recyclable, most sustainable, environmentally sound material. Sustainability and steel packaging development is the core of CCA’s success. Together with its board and sales officers, we targeted global food distributors during my tenure, luring the food distributors into making the packaging transition from plastics et al. to steel. It was a major success.

Rebranding and targeted campaigns further established CCA as a recession-proof supplier by tripling its revenue stream to create a demand for hiring, producing, warehousing and distributing.

It was an incredible experience that I decided to take a leave from in 2014 after accepting a job offer with ABG in N. IL to turn its company and product branding around. I tried to continue moonlighting for CCA as they made me feel a part of their incredible success over that decade but my energy and time was spread thin due to leaving self-employment. I went as far as consulting with CCA’s president in late 2013 about me relocating out to Pennsylvania and taking my role inside for them. I was willing to continue the relationship, but I needed job security in place. Working for myself had reached a cross-roads, I was ready to dedicate my time to one company and no interests in being Mr. Everything to 30 clients at a time in Illinois with no time to sleep and breathe. I didn’t want to be an ad firm with employees and overhead. I’ve spent my entire career being the opposite of ad firms due to estranged and unethical shitshow experiences I had during my first decade in advertising—they rob clients and abuse their own employees, bottomline. CCA preferred their marketing direction being outsourced on a contracted basis and felt no need to build an internal marketing department—and so I made the tough decision to sever our business.

CCA saved over $5 million dollars in marketing spending working with me compared to the previous decade’s marketing vendor—an east coast firm. Upon my self-removal, they returned to working with another east coast agency, but with extreme budgeting limitations because of the standards and fair rates model I implemented over the course of 10 years. Their current branding, sales, digital marketing remains intact as of 2020—from my initial direction and influence. I’d call that a major success which probably irks the current agency and prevents them from planning campaigns and billing 5xs more than I ever thought was necessary.

Below is an onslaught of campaign work across all of CCA’s 360° marketing strategy channels that I directed and produced. It was an incredible ride which took care of me during a recession while operating my own business, and I’m forever grateful to the late great, Ron Moreau, and his loyal son, T.R.. They taught me strong business lessons from afar, and in many cases, took my contracts and added 25% to 50% to the bottom line as a thank you for not fucking them the way their previous agency did. Who does that? Good business owners do that. They went out of their way regularly to provide me legal and ethic based consult on managing a few Northern IL business situations within the public and private sectors that had taken advantage of me, my time and work, throughout a recession. Ever had a mayor of a city try to con you? I have—and thanks to Ron and TR, I’m forever grateful for their knowledge with learning how to shove poor ethics back at scumbags and conmen the kind, silent way.

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