“Believe,” by RKFDnews

“Believe, by RKFDnews” is a 256 page book that I wrote, collaborated on with many regional artists and small business owners, edited, illustrated, and published under the imprint of “Life Artners Publishing” with my dear friend, Jason “Mossy” Vaughn. Mossy, myself, and a few friends—Zak Rotello, notably—founded RKFDnews.com in the summer of 2012 as a public, performance art, social media experiment. The goal was to write stories, as stupid as they could be, about our hometown. It took over the region, setting off a rash of pranks with regards to ‘fake news’— we were fake news before it was a trend. However, our goal was never to be about fake news, our goal was to write the worst stories possible involving local themes to see what people in the community gravitated towards online. Sad to say that most people will believe anything they read on the internet. The book was published in 2014 featuring our most populated online stories. It’s available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other online retailers. People either love it or hate it— I could care less either way because my friends and I wrote a book that sprouted from a terrible prank which most people can’t say they’ve accomplished at the end of their bland, passionless word day.

ClientLife Artners Publishing, RKFDnews.comServicesPublisher, Writing, Editing, Art Direction, Owner, CollaboratorYear2014Linkrkfdnews.com

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