I Mash Potatoes On My Face, What You Do Today?

I developed a character—another pseudonym, Irish Brian Kelly—in the mid 2000s to have an outlet for composing poorly written haikus and monologues under the anti-influence of great Irish writers such as James Joyce, Oscar Wilde, YB Yeats, and Bono. (No. I will not explain why I find what are considered to be great Irish writers to be funny. My dark sense of humor answers to one person, me.) This writing process allowed the freedom to find inspiration within parts of the human experience which are conditioned out of us by adulthood. What a shame, actually, to be conditioned to act like one another, do, speak, write, be like everyone else. We’re raised to do everything by the book, follow rules, and this particular writing exercise allowed me to root my brain in poor grammar—intentional in tone, yes, to be an asshole and idiot—that developed into a collection of material that I felt was worth compiling circa 2015 for a book. And here we have it: “I Mash Potatoes On My Face, What You Do Today?” by another alter-ego of mine, Irish Brian Kelly. It’s available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other online retailers.

Thank you to Jesus Correa, an incredible, inspiring midwest artist in almost any media you can think of for illustrating the book’s cover for me at my personal request. I had been looking forward to working with Jesus on something, and this was it. We met in the late 2000s on a music / performance project of his, “Say Yes To The No-Nos,” that I felt perfectly summarized the midwest, its music scene and arts community. I released my 174 page book of shitty haikus and monologues with my publishing imprint, Life Artners Publishing, in late 2015. Feel free to hunt a copy down and enjoy a bowel movement.

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