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Leviate Air Group (Dallas, TX) contracted me in the summer of 2023 to collaborate on a handful of urgent brand marketing initiatives that were converging at once. A new website being developed alongside a rebranding of the company and its three divisions to coincide with digital marketing efforts. I enjoyed the great fortune of collaborating daily with their Chief Strategy Officer and Director of Digital Media to manage many marketing responsibilities alongside third-party vendors (Mendel Sites, TDAV Inc., Stack.Aero, Salesforce, ZoomInfo, Get Response). I was entrusted with a plethora of direction and hands-on needs to jump into: web dev and site services, administration, migration and launch, tech stack integrations, coding, content production and design, UX/UI testing, lead intelligence, ads, analytics and more. The more: Updating, rebuilding an “Aircraft Comparison Tool” for the new site. Planning, implementing and launching an organic marketing campaign to attract Pilots for hire with landing page content and categoric job postings, application and submission archiving—for the old site while it was active, and for the new site launch. The mores are many— I’m currently administrating the integrations, mapping, and event triggers/tracking between Salesforce, Stack.Aero, Get Response, and leviateair.com.

The challenges of needing a brand makeover was presented by the CSO during the tech stack integrations, a slight curveball for a site launch but perfect timing for a makeover. The previous brand identity was strong, youthful, hip, bright colors—as I stated to the team, I dug it—but a classier brand tone was in need to portray luxury. I was graciously asked—outside of original contract terms—to help the CSO lead the identity design makeover while steering IT stack and digital marketing initiatives. With creative caution (also), I opted to maintain what I felt was strong (and necessary for a quick transition without an actual budget) about the previous identity (but with a few minor tweaks to simplify): its icon.

Many designs and iterations later, we landed on the new identity… And with a new identity in tow for an early Fall reveal, the site was successfully launched in late Fall 2023. The rest—digital marketing strategy—is still a successful, automated work in motion behind the scenes. Working with Leviate was-and-still is an unexpected career highlight thanks to the camaraderie and collaborative efforts shared between Leviate’s Chief Strategy Officer, Director of Digital Media, and their partners.

ClientLeviate Air GroupServicesBrand, Creative, and Marketing Direction, Development, Design, CMS, CRM, SEO, Tech Stack AdministrationYear2023 - PresentLinkleviateair.com

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