Tippy Top Ranch

Jeff Kaney, CEO of Kaney Aerospace, contracted me to deliver a personal touch to his ranch away from home in Aspen, CO. It was a rewarding process that allowed me to work with Jeff and his wife, Nancy, on a few ideas. Ultimately, Nancy provided me an ink illustration she made as a rough idea without realizing that their logo was right there in front of them for me to convince them. I provided alternate ideas to surround a version of her drawing that I roughed up, scanned in, and cleaned up to be reproducible. Once it was surrounded by other ideas I had produced, Nancy and Jeff quickly realized their logo was right there in front of them the whole time. Quite a fun project to be able to step away from business thinking and attack something personal to its owners.

ClientTippy Top Ranch LLC, Jeff and Nancy KaneyServicesIdentity, Design, LogoYear2017Linkyoutu.be