Road Ranger (FASCO)

Lots to say about this brand campaign for midwest oil company, Road Ranger (now knows as FASCO). I’ll sum it up with: Give the client what they ask for even when disagreeing with everything that they’re requesting. Try to present alternate ideas; but understand that if a client asks for fire, lightening, and war imagery on their fleet of company H2 Hummers, give it to them. Don’t try and creatively reason with them or say, “You’re an oil company… Are you sure that lightening and fire with warplane military imagery is a good thing to portray on your fleet of Hummers?” Get paid, move on, and when they ask of ya to meet, plan, and quote new campaign strategies and projects, politely decline by referring them back to the agency they strayed from.

ClientRoad RangerServicesDirection, Design, Signage

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