The Nice Lords — Kill ‘Em With Kindness

The Nice Lords formed in Rockford, IL, after the disintegration of its former bands (The Pimps, My God The Heat). Stuart Johnson and I worked on many of his previous recordings and band formations dating back to 2004. The Pimps had a nice run between 1995 and 2010, breaking out of the midwest to sign with a major label, and be dropped by a major label in the early 2000s like most professional working bands suffered through with the advent of digital distribution in the late 90s / early 2000s. This was the first full-length recording we collaborated on that allowed us to showcase other regional artists including Stu’s son, Benjamin, a member of this band. This project was a joy for me to direct, layout, and put together the pieces of— as that’s essentially all I did to ensure that this debut recording by the father-son-plus-Tony-Crisman punk combo saw the proper light of day for the band. I wish every project had the collaborative support as this one did. Cover art by Sarah Danielle Stewart. Photography by Carly Rice. The Nice Lords logo/symbol illustration by Benjamin Johnson.

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