Miles Nielsen

Miles Nielsen and I met at an opportune moment in 2004 when each of our creative paths were heading out into the world on similar solo-esque ventures. Each of us in search of the almighty evil brand identity to represent our work. So became a series of logos that Miles has been successful with utilizing throughout his career. In return, Miles helped me develop my “Andy Whorehall” brand by pure mention of it—a mocking moment of its namesake, Andy Warhol—and I’ve helped him grow his music’s brand presence and audience since through various media and design efforts.

Working to brand Miles and his band’s music at every phase has allowed me to grow as a designer, and artist, to find simplicity again within trying to establish brand identity through various media: Records, cds, digital distribution, tee shirts, merch table products, web, posters, social media, and trade industry ads. We’re 13 years in now as of 2017, here’s hoping for another few decades.

ClientMiles NielsenServicesCreative Direction, Brand Identity + Logo Development, Album + CD + Digital, Merchandise, Social Media,

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