Miles Nielsen & The Rusted Hearts – Live In Rockford

Miles Nielsen and The Rusted Hearts released their first official live recording in early 2015, “Live In Rockford”. Recorded in Rockford at Veterans Memorial Hall on November 28, 2014. Working with Miles and the boys is pretty fluid at this point with no oversight. Directed much of their materials for promotion since 2004, so the goal with this release was to keep changing items up for cross-marketing purposes. Particularly their logo.

For the record’s art, I found an old, royalty-free, early 19th century map of our hometown through the Library of Congress which I was able to manipulate into the record’s artwork for reproduction. This project marked the first of a few releases aimed at replacing the ‘elephant’ logo with a new logo— the smiley face.

The elephant with a hat on sells well for Miles and the band on merch materials, but I believe it’s stylistically out of date and needs to go. The smiley face is where it’s at right now for multi-purpose branding— online and with merch materials. Gotta keep marketing shit simple in order to sell branded products to simpletons, marketing 101. Blech, shoot me.

Available to purchase online on CD and digital.

ClientMiles Nielsen & The Rusted HeartsServicesDirection, Design, Illustration, Merch, Branding, Social