Richard Edwards — Lemon Cotton Candy Sunset

Richard Edwards and I had worked on vinyl/cd/digital album art before with his band, Margot and The Nuclear So & So’s, on previous records: “Rot Gut, Domestic” (2011), and “Sling Shot To Heaven” (2014). He approached me in mid-2016 with an old 3″ x 5″ black and white photo of a woman staring off into the Pacific Ocean that he had found in a thrift shop, and wondered what could be done to turn it into something else for his debut solo record’s release. What became of the process was the inside gatefold spread art I produced from a few century old photos I found to create the bomb going off in the distance on a lemon cotton candy sunset horizon. Richard needed a few more creative items produced that I could happily oblige on: Ink lettering for the record’s artist and title, and a few promotional illustrations for Richard and Joyful Noise Records gift to fans that pre-ordered “Lemon Cotton Candy Sunset”. Working with Richard to dress up his music the last few years, and looking forward to whatever he has planned for the future, has been an honor to assist him with.

Cover photography by Bryan Sheffield / Lettering, inks, illustrations, mixed media photo art by Dave DeCastris and Andy Whorehall / Jacket layout by David Woodruff

ClientJoyful Noise Records, Richard EdwardsServicesArtist + Title Lettering/Inks for Joyful Noise Records, illustrations, Mixed Media Collage, Inside Gatefold Art,

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